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Lacrosse in the Philippines Part 2

Lacrosse in the Philippines Part 2

etire to. University right on the beach, how can you beat that. Anyway’s, trip has been going great. We’ve been taking these puddle jumpers from island to island. A little nerve racking at times but fun none the less. Next stop is Manila at International School Manila. Talk about a a beautiful campus. This campus rivals any U.S. High School. I believe the parents of the kids that go to this school are government, embassy and high profile businessman. The Silliman staff mentioned that the tuition is equal or comparable to a college tuition in the United States. Either way, Justin and I were very excited to teach Lacrosse at IS manila through the P.E. classes. We were set up with 9 classes(21-26 per class) through our 2day stint. Our goal was to introduce lacrosse to the Philippines on behalf of The Philippines Lacrosse Association. We focused on Passing/Catching/picking up ground balls and Cradling/carrying. With the help of 3x, we were able to put them in game situations. It’s the rainy season here in the Philippines but it so happen anytime we’ve done a clinic, it’s been sunny and blazing hot. Either way it was a great time sharing lacrosse with the kids. We’ve learned so much on this trip. It’s funny, despite your background, the school you go to, how much money your family has. We’ve learned that when you introduce lacrosse with a stick, ball, goal and room to run around to play. You get happy kids that just want to do their best and have fun. Check out some pictures below of our time in Manila. Stay tuned for my time laxing it up in my families neighborhood in Pampanga and our time with the Philippine Sports Commission and Philippine Olympic Committee. For now, Mubuhay ang Pilipinas! (Long live the Philippines)


~Uncle Ron Garcia

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