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Lax at Laguna Verde

Lax at Laguna Verde

After a months worth of break throughs and setbacks trying to enter into PhysEd classes in the Valparaíso metro area to teach lacrosse and 3x, my project finally came together in one way or another. I ended up forming a great relationship with a fantastic PhysEd teacher, Daniel López, at the public school in Laguna Verde, one bay to the south of Valpo. Daniel, a huge supporter of children’s rights to quality education and community support, was extremely open to the idea of me bring the sport of lacrosse into his classes. I visited to school 3 times in total, teaching 5th, 7th, and 8th graders. The game was very well received by all, the school’s faculty included, as everyone was so thrilled to have an outsider interested in coming to their school, presenting a new and exciting opportunity to their children and offering them a donation of new sports equipment. Not only was it important to me to see lacrosse so well received by a group of kids and adults who had never seen it before, but also because Daniel was able to incorporate some great values and lessons into the lacrosse sessions. As sports itself is a huge source of successful and healthy socialization of youth in any country, Daniel was sure to tell the kids that although lacrosse might not come as second nature to them, but it’s important to preserver and not leave your teammates behind by quitting when the going gets tough or frustrating.

This aspect of youth socialization through sports turned out to be what I focused my academic research project on. Later this week, when I finalize my results and analysis, I will post the “abstract” to my final paper which will be complemented by a 15 min film/documentary in Spanish that I made to go along with my written product…so for any of you Spanish speakers out there, enjoy.



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